Day 48 I Want A Puppy

Also can be titled Bring On The Rain.  It was ok when we packed up to leave Tim’s place.  Although it did start to rain right outside of Anchorage and is still going.  It was only 2 1\2 hours to Talkeetna but we turned it into a 5 hour trip.  We stopped at the Iditarod headquarters.  I wanted a puppy but Roy said I would be riding onthe roof rack.  I got a t-shirt though so at least I don’t have to feed it. We had leftover pizza in the parking lot and I took a mud dog sled ride.   

We also stopped at a birch syrup place and sampled some birch syrup which ia very sweet.  We did however buy ice cream  Roy did fireweed and honey I did birch the birch reminded me of carmel and butterscotch,  Roy’s was a toucb of blueberry and raspberry. It was good.  On to the camp where we saw another a-framer