Day 44 Glaciers

Rain has been following us, it rained today so we still went on the trip.  The boat was enclosed but we did not see anywhere near the 26 glaciers promised.  We did spend a little more time at the glaciers we stopped at.   Lunch was fish or chicken Roy and I both had fish.  We were seated at the bow which was a great sight even if we had to keep wiping windows, Roy was breathing to hard.

The interesting thing about wilderness is it is unpredictable.  I still have not seen a whale and might not unless it is in Washington or Oregon.  There were lots of sea otters, a few sea lions, a mountain goat, and one bald eagle; so all in all not a bad day for animals.

Blue is an amazing color when it comes to glaciers, even some of the burgs still had the blue color to them.  Yes, it does sound like thunder before they calve.  Even though it was raining when the trip began we were still able to get up close to two glaciers.

Upon our return we drove through the whole of Whittier took 5 minutes.  Our campsite was right on the river where we had a couple of waterfalls behind us.  The waterfalls on the glacier trip were also amazing.  We decided not to hook up the generator so it was true boondocking.