Day 41 BEARS

I am glad I waited until Saturday to go bear viewing, with a different company.  We woke up at 6am to get ready to take the float plane out to Frazer Lake.  The flight left at 8am and we flew over the island saw the only glacier on the island.  No whales in either of the bays, but we did see some black tail deer and mountain goats from the air.  The other amazing thing was to actually see where a waterfall begins.  I was not able to get a clear picture of a large waterfall that I saw from the plane.

Roy did stay home which was kinda a bummer but for the best.  The group had 8 people in it. A family of 4, a guy from London, me, and a couple from Texas all of us were virgins.  We set off from the beach to hike 3/4 of a mile to the bear viewing area no platform here.  I made the walk out without any extra stops I was up front and kept pace with our guide.  Two stops were made, one stop halfway at the top of a hill for about a minute so others could catch-up, the other was right by the bear viewing area to pass out bug nets.

We sat down to wait then up by the top pool was two bears just hopping back and forth.  The group went up to the top pool fish ladder area, I waited at the pinic table.  I had issues climbing the hill.  There was no luck.  I did see a sow and her two cubs laying on the hill.  When we returned to the other area there was a sow and two cubs. 


Mom fished the cubs played, of the two cubs one was clingy with mom the other was independant.  

I was enjoying this so much.  I had some spasms so I got a ride back down the path.  The bears were amazing I took a few pictures.  When I got back tooka nap then went to stock car races.  Very small town.  Tomorrow we will be on the ferry until Monday night.

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