Day 36 On the Island

For my battle Shelby, I get to eat at the DFAC or as the Coast Guard say the Galley.  I do miss military food.  Spending the week camping at the military campground on Kodiak. It was so cool this morning because waiting for Roy to get off the boat I was able to get numbers to tour the air and boat portions of the base.  I went over to thank 3 Coasties for their service, as I always do when I see our men and women in uniform.

I woke up with a migraine which really sucked.  I was not able to enjoy the morning, oh well.  I was worried for Roy getting sick he was great.  I guess the sea was calm, I was sleeping.  Once the migraine passed I felt better.  I have a picture of Roy driving off the ferry.  Once we arrived headed to the base to register.

The campsite has 4 electric sites and 4 non-electric, the sites are asphalt and level.  Since we are here for the week I put up the shelves and put out food so I am not digging in a box every ten minutes.  This took about an hour to do.

We ate dinner and looked at gift stores then went to Wal-mart to get some draining things for the sewer.  We now have full hook-ups.  It has been rainy and foggy since we got off the ferry so no really good pictures.  I hope it clears up.