Day 29 Anchorage to Hope

Timing is everything, we got out of Dodge (Anchorage) right before a wildfire wrecked a small amount of havoc.  Hope is amazing as small towns go.  Most places roll up the sidewalks at 9pm, this place rolls them up at 4pm. We pulled into the park a little after 12pm, the sign said pay in the store, it was closed.  So we called the girl goes pull in site 6 which was right by the fishermen path.  So we asked to be in the middle, another water side view.  The big draw back was the amount of flies, I guess that comes with fish.  I asked who I pay the girl says my husband will stop by sometime today or tomorrow.  Way to easy going. 

 We set out for lunch and ended up at the only game in town  Titos discovery cafe.  On the way out we drove by the few gift stores in Hope all closed.  Lunch was good and fresh afterwards we sat on their porch and practiced shooting pictures with different exposures and speed.  When we finished we went looking for the gold panner who was willing to teach you to pan for a price of course.  Tomorrow we will get up and try again.

On our way to Hope we passed a wildfire that was pretty small.  When we got back from lunch the fire had spread quite a bit.  I came up here to escape this.  We are staying put tomorrow.