Day 30 Hanging in Hope

Even though it wasn’t planned this way having multiple night stays back to back it is working for both of us.  I have lost track of what day it is but that’s ok, I do it at home too.  

Today lunch was ruhburb pie for me and an apple pear for Roy we were saving ourselves for taco night.  Roy and I wanted to learn gold panning today and Peck the guy who does it was gone for the day.  I tried to get a trinket from Hope and settled on a magnet.  The story to that is Sourdough Dru gift shop on main street was not opened yesterday so today we went to the other gift stores and kept checking back at Dru’s.

In the middle of all this we went to the post office to mail some post cards.  I started talking to the post mistress and asked if she knew when Dru’s would be open.  She said 5:30 because they were having a haircutting party.

The campsite was amazing we had a view of the turnagain arm and the fire.  Hope was good tomorrow onto Seward