Day 28 National Ice Cream Day

I did it I screamed for Ice Cream did you? The geocaching community is active up here.  Three days in Anchorage and three events.  I even won a raffle prize at this event.  How come I had to drive 4850 miles to win a raffle prize?  Roy and I travelled down town before the event in search of some wacky things I needed for my roadside attraction pictures.  It was cool to post some pictures last night.  I am still getting used to the camera, it’s not the same as a point and shoot.  The picture we were in search of was the fishing reel bridge.

After the event we took Tim and Kate to dinner very enjoyable.  We were orginally going to do sushi but changed our minds to a popular burger joint.  When we got there found out it was an hour wait.  While Tim and I went to grab a cache Kate went to check on sushi.  We get to the cache opened it up and go to sign the log, Tim had no writing utensil.  Guess what?  I do not either even though I had a purse.  We walked back and had to borrow Roy’s pen.  By this time Kate came back and we were able to get in for sushi.  It was very good been a long time.

Roy and I agreed this was an amazing break.  I got to post pictures and Roy got to post more on Facebook.  On to the pennisula tomorrow.