Day 21 We Flew There and Back

It was AMAZING today.  We headed to the airport at 8am arrived at 8:30am for a 9am flight.  Where else can you do that but in Alaska heading towards McCarthy.  If anyone has seen the “reality” show Edge of Alaska that is where it was filmed.  As one of the shuttle drivers said they want to film you then hand you a script.

The flight over was a little cloudy, I was still able to see some glaciers.  You know the blue you see in some of the glacier lakes on a TV show they are bluer but add a little green.  The color is not one I could put a name on to do it justice.  It also rained on the way over which was interesting no wipers that high up.  I learned about rock glaciers, same as ice glaciers but the rock is moving slowly.


I was very proud of Roy we got to Kennicott after landing in McCarthy he did quite a bit of walking.  He wanted to see the mill building which was at the end of town.  We had lunch at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge which was near where we got dropped off.  He climbed the stairs and the views were amazing, we had a good lunch.  We took the drive down so no stairs, then meandered towards the mill.  Kennicott was an old copper mining town, interesting read on the net.

The flight back was a little bumpy because of the wind, I sat in the front again.  Both ways I saw no animals, but lots of green.  There was a river we flew over that has never been touched by humans.  It can only be seen by the air.

As we are here tomorrow we are taking the car down the one lane McCarthy road to say we did it.  Talked to some people who drove it today and said it wasn’t bad.  I will give an update on that tomorrow.

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  1. We didn’t chance the road into McCarthy but heard later it was okay. Look forward to your take on it. Flight sounded awesome!!


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