Day 20 White River to Kenny Lake

Nice drive on the Alcan today.  I was able to be in two countries at once without a passport.  Speaking of passports you do know they are supposed to be signed.  The agent spanked us and said we should sign them before the next time.  It was cool to stand in two countries at the same time.  I got a picture of the marker and me.  Construction wasn’t to bad but it did bounce around the stuff I tightly packed.  Not so tightly packed, it’s the pesky TV.  Tomorrow is the big day I will do everything in my power to get pictures posted.  We are taking rain gear just in case because we will be gone all day.  Will post more tomorrow, here until the morning of the 12th, then onto Valdez

2 thoughts on “Day 20 White River to Kenny Lake

    1. We are having a blast had lunch at Kennicott thought of you so took a picture will post to fb later


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