Day 18 Whitehorse round 1

Roy was feeling better today so we rode the trolley down the waterfront of Whitehorse.  We also went to a farmer’s market where I was given two small white turnips I told the guy we were camping and could not go through the whole bunch.  I asked if he wanted anything for them he said no.  That was cool.  We are also trying to collect stamps by visiting historic places in the Yukon, listed in a book.  If you visit 20 of the sites you get entered to win two troy ounces of gold.  If you visit 10 sites you get entered for one troy ounce.  So keep your fingers crossed.  I will share. One more night at the hot springs then we have one more night in Canada.  Saturday night we will be back in Alaska using all the same colored money,  Canada does have pretty money.  We have two long days but I’m ok with that  I am antsy to get to Alaska we have been on the road for over 3500 miles.  We are coming up on some spotty internet so you might get a bunch of post all at once.

This is round one because we will be back on the return trip.

2 thoughts on “Day 18 Whitehorse round 1

  1. Enjoying your updates as you travel along. Thought you might be grabbing at least one geocache in each
    Province for a souvenir – maybe planned for trip home? Yep, our money is pretty – it makes it easier for us
    seniors to organize it in wallet. Keep posting those pics too – fun to see.
    Christine aka sunseekca


    1. We are trying plan on posting when we get my internet back in Alaska. I did down load a bunch.


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