Day 17 Staying Put

Things happen for a reason, yesterday when we were driving up to the campsite we decided to extend the stay.  Good thing Roy developed what we think is food poisoning so the sight seeing got pushed back a day. We did go out and get a couple of pictures of wacky roadside attractions.

I am upset I CAN NOT do hot springs I did try the temp feĺt ok but it raised my body temp.  I enjoyed sitting in the springs but now balance is way off. Oh well we are on vacation. Tomorrow I will post more pictures and play tacky tourist

2 thoughts on “Day 17 Staying Put

  1. Food poisoning is the ultimate pits! So sorry, Roy. Darcy, that’s a shame, but at least you can say you did them once.


  2. Actually I can say I did it twice first time and the last time. It took a whole day to get my temp back to normal. Well bad choices make for good stories


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