Day 11 The start

Wow we reached the start of the ALCAN today then headed into Ft Nelson staying at 3Gs RV park.  By far the cutest park we have stayed at.  We ate lunch at The Buffalo Inn in Pink Mountain, was a good place to stop and get out of the rain.  We sat next to 3 guys also headed to Alaska except they are on bikes.  One of the guys was former military so I turned him onto staying at military camps.

When we walked out from lunch it at least had stopped raining I looked at Roy and asked what is that.  It was our front stablizer hanging down.  UGH, we at least had a Good Samaritan get down inthe mud and take it off.  We are on gravel so Roy will look at putting it back on at our next stop.  Tomorrow is Canada Day so have a happy.

BTW I can’t get used to sunlight at 10 pm

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