Day 12 Fort Nelson BC to Toad River BC

All I can say about today is MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE.  The campsite we have at Toad River is right across the lake from where the moose hangs out I have picturesmoose1tr

That was taken with my 38x optical zoom camera from 200 yards.  Amazing animals.  On our way up at Stone Mountain I saw Mountain Goats while Roy was watching the curvy downhill road.  We started off the morning with cinnamon buns at a place famous for them in Tetsa River.  Got here early today was Canada day so to all my Northern friends enjoy.  I wore a red shirt with eh? on it in honor of the day.  This place is so peaceful, although no cell service.  Never new how much I texted til I can’t do it.  We are here for tomorrow night so I will work on more pictures.