Getting closer OMG

I am getting super excited to spend 80 days in the trailer with Roy.  I have been getting things together on what we should see.  Look forward to pictures of the “World’s Largest Gold Pan”  there are three along the way.

I am so proud of Roy he has been working in this heat to get Buki-6 road worthy.  roy1He has put a new battery in the camper, added a second spare tire, put my porta-potty on a slide out.   Still on the agenda is the converter so we can have power, the electric jack and a few odds and ends.

I finished the reservations and we will be in 49 different campsites during  our trip.  I was able to get reservations for most of them a few are first come first serve so a little nervous about that.

That is what adventure is about.  Keep an eye out for the wacky roadside attractions I will be dragging Roy by.