Our First Trip!!

If you ever get a chance to stay at Morro Bay SP in California jump at it.  Where can you stay in the woods and only be a few steps from the beach.  On this trip I saw zebras, cows, bald eagles, and elephant (seals)!

t1morro4-horzThe trip was designed to shake out the camper instead look what I shook out!

Morning already?

I hadn’t been camping since I was a kid, I do believe this is going to be fun.  Roy and I spent three days here enjoying the seagulls, whale watching and eating good sea food.  We had the chance to make sure the trailer was water proof it rained the first night.  I was also able to beat Roy in cribbage at least once.


A few things we decided were needed after this trip. A single serve coffee maker,  not to over pack on the food, get a heater.  We are both looking forward to many more adventures.t1morro2

5 thoughts on “Our First Trip!!

  1. Awesome! We love Morro Bay SP! Sounds like you went north to Piedras Blanca beach (Elephant Seals), and past Hearst Castle. Love that part of the coast! It’s good you are taking trips to figure out what you actually need while camping. Truth be told, we learn / improve upon things all the time with our trailer. Keep on traveling!


    1. you can follow my travels all the way to Alaska and back we leave June 19th in the A-Frame


  2. Wow. My husband (Mike) and I play cribbage. You two are the only people I have ever met who still play the old, old game. Have fun, and, um, you do know that Alaska gets colder than 70 degrees, even in the summer!


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