Someone did what Roy couldn’t.

People who know me know that I’m not thrilled with the thought of a helicopter ride.  In fact I think it has been said over my dead body.  This couple I met changed everything (No he or she do not own or fly helicopters.)  She just took her first helicopter ride to begin a new chapter of live.  It wasn’t the fact that she did her first helicopter ride that changed my mind it was what happened afterwards that changed my mind.

Some back story first.  Three months ago Roy and I embarked on an adventure, so did a few other people.  I know this because waiting to board the ferry I had to be a social butterfly, riding around finding out where people are from and where they are headed, and if they are coming back.  This is when I met John and Jean and their dog.  This was a couple who seemed like any normal 40ish  couple. What attracted me to them was the trailer they had behind the ‘truck camper’  (I use the term loosely)  Pick up truck with a shell on top.  This trailer held everything including a kitchen sink.  I asked what their adventure was.

I saw that they were excited and a little unsure and questioning because  they were heading off the grid  for the summer to build a cabin on land they bought in the middle of nowhere Alaska.  They would return on the same ferry we were on in September.  (Inside I thought, if you don’t get eaten by a bear.)   The trip up was about five days so it is a small ship and  we chatted many times each time I felt they were thinking if this was the right decision for them.  They seemed well prepared with supplies and stuff.  I was impressed with the research they had put into it.  I will be honest I was concerned and thought of them often over the summer.  Fast forward to September 5th and the waiting line to board the ferry.  No trailer, they left everything they brought with them at the cabin.  John comes up and says hi.  I have to say I was relieved they made it out.  He was more sturdy and hairier then when he left and had a differant air about him I wanted to know more.

Catching up and listening to both of them has given me a new outlook on things.  It is amazing how these two blossomed  the courage, strength and determination you can now see in them.  In Jean retelling how she hand peeled the bark from the trees that John cut and delimbed mind you only using a chainsaw and she using her hands and some tools to strip the logs for the cabin.  I could tell that it was a joint effort that made the bond between them stronger.  I am sure it wasn’t all getting along I mean three months with just one other person for the majority of the time and no modern ammenties could wear on you.

Roy and I were lucky enough to see the photos and hear how the three months were spent.  Here is where the helicopter comes in.  Involved in getting to the property there was a bush plane ride a helicopter ride and some ATV transportation.  Remember I said over my dead body I would do a helicopter ride.  Jean was also a little afraid to go in a helicopter.  So she is describing holding the dog’s leash, her cell phone to try and take pictures (she said she got a few) then still trying to look at the scenery.  She got through the  ride by just thinking of the majestic landscape.  So when I get my all terrain chair I will take thaty helicopter ride to visit.

I am impressed how much they completed this summer.  A one room cabin with a door large enough to fit an ATV in.  Her poo path for compost and a little garden.  Cooking on a wood stove and making homemade bread.  Their efforts reminds me that sometime issolation and depending on yourself can give you the strength you need to move on.

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  1. Good story. Enjoy your helicopter ride when you get to it. My one and only was in Maui years ago. Loved it! I’m sure you will too. Safe travels.

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  2. I’m thrilled to be out-maneuvered by the ‘call of the wild’ !!!! I would grab a hop to their place anytime !! Their 3 month progress was astounding.

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