Homer in the sun

I was finally able to get to the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center Here is also the Facebook page. I had been here before in 2017 but did not want to walk around the museum or do the boardwalk. So, this is another time that my chair allowed me to enjoy something I could not do before. I was also impressed that we had a sunny day to do this.

I grabbed the camera and got in the chair, went down to the main floor and headed out to the trail to get to the boardwalk and maybe even get a sandhill crane picture. Needless to say, that plan did not work. But more on that later. I can find more than one way to skin a cat. I headed back to the center before I got to stuck. I was able to talk to a park ranger about the trail and the bad gravel. She was interested because they do say that the trail is handicap accessible. I might have created a project for the youth conservation corp. She gave me a work around where I could get on the board walk, which I did do.

grabbing eggs

I first decided to go through the museum that was there. Interesting how depended we are on the sea and the variety of wildlife in the water. There is a room that is dark and has movie screens with a bunch of birds flying around landing on rocks. It gives you a feeling of being out at sea and seeing all of these birds.

I was able to listen to an Indigenous trapper talk about his family and how they trap foxes although with the decrease in Canadian Geese the foxes are also decreasing. (This was one of those motion activated recordings.)

ship under glass

They have a research vessel the Tiglax. They travel the Aleutians and gather information on sea life and climate. It was interesting to be able to go through the museum and enjoy it. I am enjoying the freedom this trip because of the chair. Now back to the boardwalk.

my kind of gravel

As I tried to get to the boardwalk from the visitors center, I ran into a curve that had too much gravel and did not attempt. So, back to the car and three left turns later we get to a level gravel area that will take me to the boardwalk.

just the grate

My first thought was not more stones. These stones were ok though, I am loving hard packed rocks. I was a tad concerned about get up any lip that might be on the boardwalk. Thank goodness it was only a little lip. I motored my way up as far as I could go, then turned around and saw a few good landscape photos. I even saw a sandhill crane. It was a little breezy, but it felt good to get that close to the wetlands.

I can drive

I think I will begin to follow the advice I found on this sign. It is strange how different things look at ground level. We drove over the wetlands every time we went to Homer, from the viewpoint on the bridge it looked small. At ground level it looks vast.

another view

I wasn’t able to get to the beach, so we decided to drive down to the beach and explore old town Homer. I want to share this piece of art that we came across.

enter here

This trip has been amazing, and I am enjoying sharing these adventures with you. Sitting in Houston AK this week with the raining weather has helped me to catch up on the adventure.

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