When at first you don’t succeed

try again.

This trip has been all about being in the right place at the right time for photo ops. Today was our second to last day on the Kenai. It was gloomy and rainy, so we went out looking for something to photograph. We were hoping to see a local fish ladder in use. No such luck. We then wanted to see if we could see salmon from another bridge. Could not find the road it was on. Striking out on those two adventures we head to a drive-up coffee place and ordered a coffee milkshake made with real frozen expresso.

Off to Deep Creek to see if there are any boats out on the water. There were two and we were just in time to see them dock. This is the beach that you have to get pulled out by tractors. The first boat revved his engines and made the perfect launch into his trailer. The second boat not so lucky. See for yourself. I am so glad Roy told me to video it.

The Line
The Miss
try again

We have had such a blast this year on the Kenai. Now we resupply in Anchorage, then, up the Parks Highway. We should be in Fairbanks in time for the start of Northern Lights season.

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