Two Different Looks

One Great City. That is what Homer AK has been this trip. We found a nice day to head down to Homer Alaska we were hoping to find halibut hanging from the days catch. No such luck. We are not sure they even do that anymore. Well, when that didn’t work, we decided to dig out the transportation from the car and have lunch. Before lunch we wanted to figure out if Roy and I could take a bay tour and head over to Halibut Cove or Seldovia. Unfortunately, the answer was no. Partially because getting the wheelchair over the lip of the boat, and the fact that this time of year has the lowest tides, and it is a floating dock. (The lower the tide the steeper the incline.) Off to lunch, at Captain Pattie’s Fish House. This place and the boardwalks in Homer are very handicap accessible in a strange way. I say this because the sidewalks are wood slats but are close enough, I won’t get stuck, or tip on any ramps. Not that I’ve gotten stuck before. Lunch was good Roy had local razor clams and I had halibut.

I had a video appointment so that left Roy free to explore. When he came back to get me, he brought bad news Halibut Cove was also out due to the same tide issues. Side note is we both would have been seasick because of the size of the boat. It was so sweet that he would have gone with me even though he would have been sick. I did say this trip I was not buying more t-shirts so Roy heads me directly over to a shop with t-shirts. I had to buy it because it said Salmon Slut F/V. I haven’t been able to see if the fishing vessel is still fishing.

the bar
nice view

So, shopping done we were off to explore the docks. A visit to Homer is not complete without a visit to Salty Dawgs (this however is not handicap accessible). Although the gift store Salty Girls is which carries Salty Dog t-shirts. Speaking of that area of the dock we saw this halibut charter between

nuff said

Salty Dawg and Salty Girls called ButtWhackers (not saying a word). Further down the dock we drove the chair and took a few pictures of the harbor.


It was a bright sunny slightly windy day on the Spit which treated us to some Parasurfers for lack of a better word.

A beach on the Cook Inlet side of the Spit had a few brave souls letting the wind catch their sails while standing on a surfboard. I thought letting the wind lift you out of the water might be exciting but also unnerving (I was watching and that is how I felt.

What a difference a week makes. The next time we headed down to Homer, it was raining (water does not mix with the chair). I have been trying to visit the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. I do need some dry weather though to do this.

view from the side window
view from the car

What we did do was drive around the spit and town taking pictures from the car. I had attended a camera club meeting where ‘bad weather photography’ was the subject. Who would have thunk I would use it. Check these photos.

Roy decided seeing I wasn’t doing my trek he said we needed some salmon, so we stopped at Salmon Sisters for sockeye salmon. This will be dinner in a few nights. Along with the fresh halibut I was able to talk one of our neighbors out of. They caught and cleaned it, Roy will cook it, and I will eat it.

Taco Tuesday

So, driving through Homer we saw a bus named Sue and of course had to get a picture of it. The restaurant is an old double decker bus, and you can eat upstairs. It serves tacos.

tasting room

Although we did not stop because we were on a mission to get wine. We discovered this little winery in 2017 on another trip to Homer. The restaurant I mentioned earlier that we said was now ok is where Roy was introduced to the wine. He tried a rhubarb chardonnay (Roy is not a big rhubarb fan.) So, we headed up to the winery making a long story short. He loved the wine and has received Christmas gifts from here. This stop was on his agenda this year and we made it back. I was also impressed he has now broadened his horizon to include pomegranate / raspberry wine and some others. The best part of the winery is the respect and help they give to Military and Veterans. They even have a parking spot reserved for Veterans right outside the door. So, Bear Creek winery is a must do stop when on the Kenai. Roy enjoyed the tasting room, and I got a t-shirt. If you are keeping track that is 3 t-shirts so far.

sweet wine

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