At the Rodeo had a front row seat

sometimes a little too front row. I will explain more on that a little later. I will also explain why I need a 4-wheel drive chair. I did get stuck once or twice or maybe three times. People are so nice when they are helping dig out a chair stuck in the dirt. I have to say the grounds were fairly wheelchair accessible until you get to the area leading up to the handicap ramp for the bleachers. This is where I got stuck. (Not hard packed at all.) We were able to get up on the bleachers and caught a few of the Junior Rodeo before the main event. (We did miss the beach races. You can see the video on their Ninilchik Rodeo Facebook Page.)

Big sister
go this way

The Junior Rodeo did need to be captured from the bleachers as it was using a smaller part of the arena. I was watching these young say under 5 years old children being led around the barrels by adults. My thought was what a great way to introduce your child to the rodeo. I think it was fun for both parties involved. I watched a little more than figured it was time to eat dinner. This is where I got stuck again and also when Roy and I decided both of us need to find better seats.

view of bleachers from my seat

Off we go to find better seats before the main event starts, with a stop over for dinner at the snack shack. This is a place I did not mind paying $23 for 2 cheeseburgers considering one was a meal. (It went to support the local youth.) Back to the seating situation there was a small set of bleachers inside the contestant area on fairly level ground, so we pulled up there, it turned out to be an awesome seat for the action. (Right at eye level.)

48-yard line view

It wasn’t quite the 50-yard line but it was to the right of one of the entry gates to the arena.

Day 1 had some action from bulls to bull horns. Here’s some highlights

  • Calf Riding
  • Bull Riding
  • 3-legged Race
  • Trick Riding
  • Barrel Racing
  • $100 the Hardway

Three big takeaways from day 1 included: 1. being glad I can’t run. 2. you have to be a little crazy to ride a bull. 3. don’t sit too close to the rail when trick riding is involved.

Why am I glad I can’t run? I will explain. The $100 the hard way involves a bull, an envelope taped to the bull’s horns, and a stampede of grown men. Check out the two videos. (spoiler alert: the bull got away with the money.) They repeated this on Sunday.

The Rules
The Stampede
Don’t step down

Why do you have to be a little crazy to be a bull rider. In case you get thrown from the bull pinned underneath and then when you see the photos, say that was cool. This happened on Saturday to Kayden.

Up and walking

I was able to get his ride from start to finish. He did get up and walked away but that was a scary scene. I am very glad he was ok. I needed him to get me unstuck on Sunday but that is another story.

I can fly

Saturday there seemed to be more rocks bouncing in the air and near me. I think it could have been where I was seated. The trick riders would come by kick up some stones I would flinch and lose a shot. (We did remedy this on Sunday). I was able to capture some shots.

We enjoyed the rodeo so much we came back on Sunday. Roy did get the seating chart right the second attempt on Sunday.

Enjoy the slide show below

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  1. I do love rodeos. Been to hundreds. Our horse club drill team used to be the half time entertainment at rodeos. Great fun!

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