When You are Glad Roy

Doesn’t have a camera close by. Yes it is true I do goofy stuff. So I admit it. This trip has been filled with some of those times here are a few. I want a picture of the full moon rising over Mount Rushmore. Metal rails make good horses. Roy is definitely not a princess. Rocks are animals in hiding. Knowing I don’t have everything but me thinking I do.

  • Roy is not a Princess now please remember this is my story. I was running out of logical places to put things on this trip, so where do you store something flat under the mattress. This was a good place because I wasn’t going to be making the bed until we got to where we were going anyway. Well Roy has a three legged seat cane he uses sometimes, I know he needs it so under the mattress it went. I forgot about it and he wanted to use it, I then proceeded to basically tear the trailer and car apart looking for it, because I knew it was here. This is where Roy Not being a Princess comes in,,, Only a Princess could feel a pea under so many mattresses, why couldn’t Roy feel the cane. If he only had a camera to see me racking my brain.
  • Rocks are animals in hiding. The camera that would have been needed here would be for my face the look of I’m sure it was. I am amazed at how many things rocks especially look like animals. This does though mainly happen when I’m almost asleep so my defense is not paying attention.
  • For some reason I insisted that the full moon could rise over Mount Rushmore, (it can if I make up a picture) I just could not get it into my head the direction relation. Camera was needed here because of the light bulb that went on when I grasped it.
  • Knowing I don’t have everything and thinking I do. I do not know why but this caught him laughing hysterically. I have to say he did though plant the seed in my brain. It was during one of the night shoots, I was almost done and he asks “Am I going to leave my tripod there?” I say no . So I put everything away get in the car buckle up and say let’s go. He then replies so you really are going to leave the tripod there. I say no and promptly retrieve it. I say it was power of suggestion I was going to leave it so I tried.

The one that is the main reason I am glad no camera is me attempting to ride a metal rail. I was just being me. I do not know what came over me except my inner child. I had just finished shooting some long horn sheep after gracefully get out of the car for this one. (good day for balance) I successfully got some pictures, then I attempt to step over a guard rail not so gravefully. I get one leg over and mind goes blank on what to do next. So I improvise; I start riding it like a pony and getting into it. That was until this women asks if I was stuck. My answer nope just riding my horse. She proceeded to lose it in laughter. At least my being sorta stuck made her day. I did eventually did get the courage and skill to get my leg over. Roy and a stranger got a good laugh out of it. I do so enjoy making Roy smile all the while being able to say ‘It wasn’t me.’ No photographic proof I can deny it then.

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