Sorry if I have used the title before but it applies to this stay in so many ways. Today is our third full day and we have not explored the whole park yet. I will list the ways that OMG applies and try to explain them one at a time. Just to give an overview….. The skies are amazing – The views are something to write home about – The animal behavior is interesting – Staying in one place for a time is enjoyable.

  • The skies are amazing – from the first night we got to Custer State Park it treated us to a thunder and lightening show. It was strange and reminiscent of my childhood all the way down to sitting on an aluminum bench when it was lightening. At least I wasn’t talking on the phone (only some of us will get that 🙂 ) We sat outside for a good half hour before rain chased us inside. I was ok with not getting the Milky Way shot that night. The sky is dark enough to really see the Milky Way. On top of everything up here they have things called clouds.
  • The views are something to write home about – I think this park offers the best of all views for any interest. I say this because if you are looking for rocky vistas you have Black Elk Peak. Water you have quite a few lakes to swim in, these even make great reflection pictures. The flowing rolling hills are just so interesting because every where you look you see green rolling vastness.
  • The animal behavior is interesting – June 12th we were out exploring Prairie Dog Town (no there is not a coffee shop here). I know someone has been feeding these critters. I say this because one of them recognized the shape of a car and made it’s way up to the side of our car. I do know why they are called dogs, this little one gave me the sweetest puppy dog eyes. It was like feed me or maybe take me home. We were also able to see a large herd of buffalo cross the road ( I will post a video of the biggest grand dad I have ever seen). It was so cool how the adults would nudge the babies to get moving when they slowed down to dwadle.
  • Staying in one place for a time is enjoyable – The fact that you get to explore roads you would not have time for if you stayed a day or two is worth it. Traveling the same road different times of the day you never see the same thing twice. Example coming back from shooting the Milky Way on the 12th we were treated to three young elk standing on the side of the road. One was a small buck with two young doe. We watched them nibble on grass until they were aware we were watching. You could tell their senses changed when we were found out. Once we started to inch forward in the car they turned away and trotted off.

I just want to let everyone know, I have sorta fallen off the grid. The internet is spotty so makes uploads difficult. I am working on putting together the photos that do go with the many adventures I am sharing. I also am on a never ending learning/remembering curve. I thought I was recording a movie but I missed a step (my bad).

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  1. The more I see of this ‘Milky Way’ stuff … the more I am convinced that we are not alone … and await the day when Scotty will beam me up …

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