2021 Videos

On this page you can see videos from our dash cam and some from my camera

Blowing off some steam

Blow Hard

Roy just being Roy

This was the largest raft on the Missouri River the day we were watching

They do exist

Rainbows are awesome to see especially when you catch a double

No pot of gold

Boondocking with a view. This is outside the Badlands National Park

what a view

This bear owned the road still at Bear Country USA in Rapid City SD

Hey Bear

The elk from Bear Country USA.


I am impressed with the racks

they have the right a way

Turkey butts

Run for it baby

Big one coming towards us

Oh my a DEER

They are jay walking no cross walk

Buffalo was pretty close

This was not your average game of Chicken.

On June 12th We had a very LARGE buffalo cross in front of us

Slow moving traffic

Chicken anyone

This buffalo was smart he knew where to find the water.

The pronghorn was camera shy.

This was on our way to Casper WY June 9th 2021. Fast moving deer

Look towards the right side of the frame and you will see two long horn cattle.

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