No we did not need a tow we were on the TOW (Top of the World) Highway, or Yukon 9.  Guess what another dirt road. towroad It was hard packed and worth the bumpy ride.  I did see a caribou he had a nice set of antlers although you don’t get the full effect from the back side picture. towbooI was surprised to see this guy, we stopped by the side of the road I got out to look for him.  The guy gave me a chance for a headshot but I was surprised to see him looking at me so I missed the opportunity.  The result was butt shot.  At least I’ve seen a large animal on this trip.  Someone posted a herd of caribou crossing this same area the day before.  People we met on the road came through the day after we did and were stopped by the same herd.  I think our timing is off. 🙂

I know my time is coming.  I am learning to appreciate the scenery without animals. towview2towview1 The rolling hills and vast views can be almost as striking as having animals in the scene. (my story).  We made it through customs at Poker Creek which is the farthest northern US border crossing.  That’s what the sign said it also stated that the population of Poker Creek is 3. After a brief stop over at the Walker Fork BLM campground lancewalkerfork2 and the side trip to Eagle we headed to Chicken Alaska.

Chicken Alaska,_Alaska is famous for the annual music festival Chicken stock.  It also has the famous chicken with road distances of towns. chikchik2

chikchikThe chicken is above the actual town they do have three chickens of their own. We stayed here three years ago and the town seems to have stayed the same.  The place Chicken Gold Camp we stayed both times have a place to pan for gold using tailings from their mine claim.

Chicken is a place where you can unplug from all electronics because there is no internet, cell phones, or electricity unless you have a generator.  You can also try and make you fortune here.  Chicken is well worth checking out.

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  1. Chicken, AK is a fun little town. A ‘must stop’ going through the area for TOW Hwy travel. I noticed the generator at the campground was a lot quieter than I recall. Since they upgraded the number of campsites with 30 amp electric, they must have really increased the size of their generator … it’s the only power available. There are no power lines into the community. Now that we’ve seen this area twice, and made the trip to Eagle … it will likely be our last trip to this area.

    Besides, the tourist travel has increased exponentially since 2016. Too busy for our interests ….


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