Ghost Towns

Even though I’m not fond of high places the view was well worth it. Cerro Gordo Mine and Ghost Town is 8500 ft above the valley floor, narrow road no guardrails, some ruts, and great photo ops. Today involved heading out into Death Valley to scope places for one of our day trips and photo walks.

The drive up involves a single lane and yes, we did pass a few cars and 4-wheels. I enjoyed the road and it was just the right amount of off-roading. The town itself seems to be in good condition, there are also mine shafts and mining equipment in the area. Information and more pictures will be posted on the rally Facebook page.

An interesting side note, seeing the amount of water in Owens Dry Lake bed. There has been numerous attempts to retain water. I have learned some interesting history concerning how and why Owens Lake became a dry lake. Another side note involves mule teams, charcoal, wood, and silver. After the up and back down we head out to Darwin.

Darwin, is not a ghost town but is close, the sign says 50 people. We saw no one but we felt we were being watched. Outside of town there are some mining ruins, this adventure is a work in progress. I think a requirement to live in Darwin is ownership of a VW, they were everywhere. The other amazing thing in Darwin was some statues

Side point update the only disappointment today was they do not do tours of the Crystal Geyser water plant.

I am enjoying escaping the heat of Palm Desert, yes it is hot already.

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  1. 22 miles up the hill to Cerro Gordo … only takes an hour …. !! Also adds over 5,000 ft in elevation in that short trip …. bring tea bags, it’s STEEP …


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