Headed Home 

Pea soup ended our trip again this year.  After Monterey we were to spend the night in Morro Bay so Roy could finish feeding his cookies to the seagulls. Driving down 101 on Wednesday to head to Morro Bay we got talking.  The original original plan was to drive down the coast through Big Sur to Morro Bay.  So truth be known the weather had it in for us from the beginning.  Check out the landslide.  http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/24/us/california-landslide-scenic-highway/index.html

We decided because the temperatures inland were fairly warm or I should say HOT. So we did not want to cool down and unhook to spend one night by the beach and possible night without hookups inland.  The final deciding factor was late lunch/early dinner at Anderson Pea Soup in Beullton California.  If you haven’t had pea soup or you like pea soup.  You should check it out.  http://www.peasoupandersens.net/mobile/historyBuellton.html

The amazing thing about this whole trip was even though we had to change our plans to avoid the fires and smoke, even coming home early we stayed safe.

In the coming weeks I will be going through pictures and videos and posting them.