Happy 4th

I know it’s a day late, but Happy Birthday America 241 years old.  That number caused a small age meltdown or the number in 9 years did, when the US will be 250 years old.  I had a flashback to 1976 when I was 8 years old and the USA was 200 years old.  I remember thinking back then in 50 years that is far away, 58 is so OLD.

Let me clarify this for EVERYONE 58 is not old, and 50 years goes by QUICKLY!

Kinda fun how a view changes as you age.  Ok, after that realization we headed downtown to see the parade in the rain.  Roy was so cute he said the parade will be smaller because of the rain and there will be fewer people watching.  He hasn’t been exposed to alot of small towns 😀.  The parade was a blast it started with a Military Color Guard, firetrucks, candy, dogs, animals. After the parade we decided to find some grub but not at the park, rain does not mix well with burgers.

At 3pm they had a race down the river in homemade rafts that was fun to watch even though I almost got talked into participating.  After the fifeteen minutes of fun it was still early so we headed out to the mining area featured on Gold Rush. On the way back into town we took a detour because of a sign that said ‘come stop by for some food, talk, and a visit at the blue house’.   We found the house no one was home so we left a note. Once home we had a king crab dinner we bought the legs yesterday, and steamed them in the electric skillet.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Today is laundry day, picture prep day, and grocery day, rafting tomorrow.

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