Day 76 Camp Rilea to Windy Cove

The drive today was winding and hilly with great views of the ocean thrown in.  We were actually on the move at 9am.  I think that’s the earliest this whole trip.  On the way out we took some geese and tank pictures.

Even with an early start, we still pulled in at 5pm.  The reason is CHEESE!  Cheese curds to be exact.  I have a disclaimer to add here.  The cheese curds I purchased were strictly for scientific research.  Everyone knows I’m a cheese head from Wisconsin and have not had cheese curds in YEARS.  I went through the sample line and had to have some.  I purchased some smoky chedder, white chedder, and CHEESE CURDS.  I also got some cute knick knacks, a t-shirt, and 1 scoop of ice cream for each of us.

Once we got to the park someone was in our space, no camp host.  Lucky there was someone who left early we pulled in to it.  Day 77 Sunday we will be in Gold Hill for two nights

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