Day 15 Watson Lake to Johnson’s Crossing


We tied a red white and blue bow to the back of the trailer.  We were going to put out some solar lights but realized they won’t go on until midnight and no one would see them.

Wow, the start of week 3 going by way to quickly.  I am amazed at the stops we are camping at.  Last night was basically a gravel city block tonight we are in the woods again.  The food in Canada is a little pricey but it is worth it because most of what we have had has been home cooked.

Last night we went to the northern lights exhibit it was cool.  Today we are back to normal with animal count one bear.  Crossed the Continetal Divide today not by a river so you could not see the water change direction.  That has been cool when you are driving by ariver and it is flowing in one direction and you cross the divide and see a river flow the opposite direction.  The water in a lot of the rivers rush over quite a few rapids.  I have not stuck my fingers in any streams afraid of how cold it will be.  Tomorrow I will brave the water at the hotsprings, if I can handle the heat.  

Just on a side note I am still trying to get my meds right so I don’t sleep through Alaska.  Today was not a good day slept most of the morning while Roy drove.  Roy seems to be handling the elevation but we have not been that high for an extended period of time.  All that aside we are both enjoying the trip.