Day 14 OMG they do exist

Today was a day of milestones.  Crossed 3000 miles on the trip, ended week two, saw lots of animals, crossed the Continetal Divide again and got to the campsite early.  The fact that it is 11pm and the sun is just thinking of setting is mind blowing.

We did not see buffalo where everyone said they would be, my thought was great another day with no animals.  Before we packed up I got to see the moose from across the lake,  last night we saw one swim across the lake.  On the road we did see a baby caribou, woodland bison, some mountain goats, three bears, and mountain sheep.  They aren’t big horn but I still had to drive 3000 miles to see a family.  Lots of babies and they all seem to be shedding.

We hung two signs in the sign post forest, one with our names and one with our caching names.  Tomorrow it’s on to Johnson’s Crossing.