2019 Videos

Here you will find a mish mash of videos from our trip

The waterfalls trail
Louise Falls

McNallie Creek

Cowboys on ATVs

When we left Toad River we were escorted out of town by this caribou

Here are a few videos of our close encounter with the Bison near Watson Lake


Roy’s question of the day.

A Farmers Market in Whitehorse

Me standing on the border

A state park in Tok Alaska

Fun in Fairbanks this was the 7th inning stretch

It’s a Chicken crossing the road.  Oh wait it’s a BEAVER

These videos follow a fox who has been fed by humans before.  This is up on Ogilvie Ridge Viewpoint

We found him eating out of a can from the trash.

You can see he is way to used to people

We started out with a clean car and trailer for our drive up the Dempster

Here is both of our free ferry crossings

Dawson is full of amazing sites.

View of Dawson from Midnight Dome


A part of the Gold Rush TV show

Paddlewheel graveyard across the Yukon river

Quick view of the American Bald Eagle Foundation Haines AK


Barkerville BC SNOW