Words Have Power

This is why I have decided to no longer be social distancing.  I will now be doing the same thing but looking at it as physical distancing.

In fact I do not think I am alone during this break from ‘normal’ life, in reconnecting with friends.  I for one am going to come through this closer to some people and am going to try and get out more with friends face to face.

When you tell someone to social distance it a least for me was the feeling I must back up and back away.  When you switch to the term physical distance it hits the nail on the head “don’t stand so close”.  It is almost like looking at a glass half full or half empty, your attitude and viewpoints will help or hurt your mood.

I know I haven’t blogged recently I usually save the blog for our summer trips. Roy and I are still planning to hit up the NWT Canada when they open the border so there will be photos this summer.

So I want to know who is with me with calling it what it is physical distancing.