Going through the shots

Day three on the Kenai I think we have developed a routine. It has been rainy during the day which gives me a good chance to go through the photos from the evening before. It also gives me a chance to continue kicking this cold. We seem to be going out around 6 to 6:30pm driving a few back roads to figure out if they are worth coming back to when the weather is nice. Last night we went down to the fish ladder near our campground to see if it was still there. It is and it looks like they are getting ready to begin once the salmon return. On our way back hiding perfectly in the woods not to be able to get a picture was a moose.

Speaking of moose; have you ever wondered what they do all day. I mean what a life to just walk, stand, eat and sleep. The other thought I had was how elusive bull moose are. I think that I’ve only encountered one in all the times we’ve been coming to Alaska. He was definitely an enormous one. Large enough to get the ranger’s attention.

Plans for the month are coming together. One day for Homer and views of the Spit, maybe a trip to Salty Dawg depending how handicapped accessible it is. (scooter and chair will get a workout.) Driving back up the Kenai to Skilak Lake Loop road, hopefully for some bear and moose. Driving back roads just to drive and hopefully see some wild life.

So today, I am trying to keep up with photos and even editing a few along the way. I came across this one. I almost wrote it off as something not worth saving, until I saw it on a larger screen. The back of the camera can be deceiving, this is why I never delete even when I see it on the computer screen it just gets a 1 for rating.

I am sitting watching this juvenile bald eagle standing on a small rock. It took all of 15 minutes before the rock disappeared and he had to take flight. It was funny watching his movements gingerly trying to avoid getting his bird legs completely covered. I have to wonder if he does this every night when the tide comes in.

taking flight
you bother me

Once he did find some dry land the look on his face was that of a grumpy old man who was disturbed and bothered. I just that it was cute he had to land on a populated part of the shore.

Tonight, I am hoping it will stop raining so we can go explore another state beach and at $5 a day for a parking pass this is definitely cheap entertainment