Getting Up Early….

Observation Deck
From the Observation Deck

Nailed IT!. Yes, getting up at 7 am to get on the road to retake Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse from the Coolidge Fire Lookout Tower. The best part of this was the fact that there were very few people here and the sun and clouds were perfect. I have to say to be able to see and take a picture of Mount Rushmore that is 9 miles as the crow flies is awe inspiring. Crazy Horse is 10 miles as the crow flies. With Rushmore however you only get Washington’s profile and Lincoln’s nose and chin. It also helps to know what you are looking for. Crazy Horse instead of the usual profile from the tower you are able to get full front. The interesting thing is the equipment on that mountain I was able to capture with my camera. These pictures are from the observation deck.

From the parking lot

After I was able to get these pictures I head back to the car where I was able to also get a different perspective of both Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I was able to show a family the picture I took of Crazy Horse and then point it out to them with my finger. We headed down from the lookout and from a pull out I took these pictures looking back up the mountains. This area is also where most of the cell phone towers are for the park. The rest of the day was lazy we went into town to grab some much needed internet time and headed home for lunch. I was also able to catch up on my pictures and blogs. It is needed sometimes just to have a catch up sort of day. Roy, on the other hand sat outside and people watched.

People Watching