Buffalo Sightings

I can’t say we set out to go find buffalo on a certain day we just go driving. They will show themselves. This year we have gotten off the main roads onto the dirt roads, I’ve gotten better photos because of this. Yes, I do have lots of photos but I do not think I could ever have too many. The buffalo is a magnificent beast, they could crush you but are so gentle to their young. I have noticed that there are bulls that seem to keep away from the herd that you will see wandering around the park, you never know what you will find around a bend.

A great example of this; we were going after more pictures of the burros but when we got there we did not stop to take pictures there were too many people. I’ve explained these JAs are beggars and they draw a crowd. This was not a unproductive trip though, because right down the road there was a herd of buffalo off a dirt road. Roy drove past them and made a u-turn in a wide spot in the road so I could take pictures from a different angle. ( I love Roy’s ability to help me stretch my photography limits. ) So looking down on the vastness and also seeing all the cars on the dirt road observing them up close puts a whole new twist on things. I wonder what they think of being watched, or if they care. They care sometimes if they are snorting and shaking their head you are too close.

View from the hill

As I am taking pictures from the hill top I see a part of the herd start to charge towards the hill then more joined in. I am outside of the car taking photographs running through my head how quick can I move if they all charged up the hill. (answer: not that quickly.) I did venture away from the car because Roy told me they would not be here that quickly. Something spooked them so the flight instinct took hold of them. Once things settled down they started to return to the side of the dirt road and I realized that I would not be enveloped by buffalo we headed down to the dirt road to join the crowd.

The Tour Parade

It is amazing to see all the cars doing a snail slow progression to get the perfect buffalo picture or at least a cellphone snap shot. The park allow tours to find the wildlife. One of these Buffalo Safaris has multiple jeeps and because they are on a schedule they will bypass the line of cars. They looked like a colony of ants as we had about 10 of these hop the line. I think it was funny looking. I am not sure if I’ve covered this before but this year there has seemed to be a bumper crop of babies. They grow so fast, when we first arrived most of them looked young and had no horns, now you are seeing little horns appear and they seem to be putting on weight.

King of the Hill

Once we moved up the line we did not want to travel all of the dirt road again Roy pulled a 3 point turn to head back down the road. This is where we were held up by a buffalo. His or her thought was using are car to lean on while chewing the grass. Slowly he/she moved on but not before I captured the sights and sounds of him/her next to the car. I looked up about this time and saw a mom and her calf headed towards us on the road. I much rather would have this type of traffic delay anytime. As we are winding down seeing buffalo on both sides of the road. I see a big bull standing alone on a hill looking over his domain. Perfect end to the buffalo safari.