My Ain’t It Pretty Up Here

Yes, it was. Sometimes maps can steer you in the wrong direction by not giving you the whole picture. This was the case with Mount Rainier. So headed out on 123 we drove past Ohanapecosh Campground, one of the campgrounds we were going to stay at, so we drove through. Spaces were way to small but there was a visitor center, must go shopping. I was having withdrawals! Inside I spoke with a real cool ranger who showed me the way we had planned on going would just skirt the park. I also said I wanted to drive through Mount St Helens and take the back way.

Well, the back way was closed due to snow (I have a picture to prove this.) More on that later. We started on our way soon we were in snow fresh snow at that, level at 4000 feet. Reflection lake was not super reflective but I caught a glimpse. Mount Rainier is the most glacierfied Mountain in the lower 48. Well worth the visit, the visitor center at Paradise was open and full of people because the snow was right there. We headed out of the park via Longmire, I was able to get some good pictures. We saw a few blue jays, one deer and an elusive fisher, not many this year. Back to Packwood via a well maintained Forest Service road.

It was late enough to not be able to drive to the main entrance of Mount St Helens so we tried the back way, got as far as the junction of 25 and 99, no view of the mountain. Something to come back for.