There’s A Reason

owner manuals exist. We have an HD antenna on the roof, we also have an HDTv so logic would say you should be able to get “over the air” stations. Key word logic. Neither one of us are up on using these. I assumed you plug the cable from the wall to the tv, switch, the channel setting to air, then scan for channels. I turned on the antenna no lights, no channels came up on scan. I even followed the directions the KOA in Ely had in the hand out. I guess I was missing something. Bottom line no TV in Ely. We are ok not watching tv when there is no cable.

Last night we were in Boise ID and Roy was posting a review on RV Park reviews and read great over the air channels. So now I’m on a mission, I will make this work. I dig up the owner’s manual and sat on the floor to get to the bottom of it. I read that you make sure the cable is going from the wall to the tv, (check). Turn on the antenna control on the ceiling , (check).

Make sure the button on the wall at the cable outlet is on, (not check). I found the button pushed it on, ran a channel scan and like magic I had TV.

So the lesson learned is if it is not working before you go crazy read the instruction manual. We are now checking for TV stations everywhere we stop.