Day 78 OMG That’s A Deep Lake

Amazing things are happening on this trip.  I woke Roy up at 7am.  This was great because we got an early start upto Crater Lake.  The goal was to drive the rim, completed successful.  The lake is so blue and undisturbed. I got my first glimpse from the Phantom Ship Overlook, what amazing color.  We stopped at the gift store right outside the park, thought we would get shopping done early.  Decided not to do breakfast and head out the east rim.  This was a smart move, kept ahead of the crowd.

Once we get home I will post some pictures of today.  I have been able to use the Canon more so my pictures are getting better.  Practice! Practice!  I also took a bunch of pictures of chipmunks they were everywhere. The overlooks showed such differant views of the lake. The interesting part is you can see the island from almost any vantage point.

We saw lots of Moos today these are probably going to be what we see on the rest of our trip.  Tomorrow we will be in Santa Nella for pea soup from Anderson’s then home.