Day 39 No More Water

I have realized that I am a dry girl.  The first day of rain on Monday was ok the second day of rain was still welcome.  The third day cost me a bear viewing trip.  Today it cleared up in the afternoon.  I am so over rain and will never complain about not seeing rain again.

This morning Roy and I were treated to a tour of the U.S. Coast Guard Air Base Kodiak.

There are three hangers on the base two house the C-130s and the 60 and 65 helicopters.  The baby helicopter is called a dolphin because the nose looks like one.

  This little guy can fly for two hours but can be refeuled without landing on the cutter. It is mainly used to do short rescues.  The large helicopter can fly for 6 hours and has the ability to add outside gas tanks.  The one copter they had in was taken apart for routine check-up, so no pics.

  They are getting new used planes C-130s from the Air Force and these will be handed down to the US Forestry Department to fight fires.  This was the type of plane Roy would hang by a strap to fire at the ground in Nam.  This plane is usually first on the scene and just gather information and film the scene, because they are faster then the helicopters.

After the tour we ate lunch thehn drove around the island.  The weather was still misty and wet.  Tomorrow is going to be partly cloudy so hopefully we can get out and walk around.