Day 38 No Bear Zone

The rain is no longer cool it’s cold and wet.  The weather cost me a bear flight.  I was able to get a flight for Saturday morning, it is supposed to be partly cloudy.  Please keep fingers crossed.  I got some cool camera tips from a friend Lisa Langell an awesome photographer. She does an annual trip to Alaska to teach how to photograph wildlife.  I learned some tips via text messages.

We ended up driving around the island and took some pictures of base housing for someone who was stationed at Kodiak 20 years ago.  The camp site we are at used to be base housing they are set up in parking spaces. 

We stopped at Java Flats for coffee and a cookie. On the way home we decided to drive through the fairgrounds and saw some deer.  They must be comfortable around people because they didn’t run just gave us a wierd look

Tomorrow we are going to tour Air Base Kodiak news tomorrow.