Day 25 Valdez to Sheep Mountain

I had a rare encounter with a bull moose today. We were driving into Sheep Mountain and saw a bull moose with his velvet still on, maybe three years old. It is interesting to see the small rack encased in almost a dark mocca color. This has been the perfect time to see young animals everything is so new.  Male moose it seems rarely are seen, according to a couple of locals I’ve talked to.  This guy was showing off his girl friend.  Once we stopped by the side of the road and Roy woke me it was two late for me to grab the camera.

Something both Roy and I have found interesting is how low some of the mountain passes are, it is cool travelling in the valleys.  We are over 4500 miles so far so just about half way.  

Tonight’s place has 5 RV spots and we are the only ones here kinda cool.  Very good restaurant, I tried copper river red salmon.  The fish did not taste fishy and it was very flaky.  

Well I should be able to get pictures up when we are in Anchorage.