Day 9 Edmonton to Grande Praire

I saw a MOOSE COW so technically it was still a cow.  We were outside of Wabanum when we saw her, Roy thought it was a cow and I thought it was a horse.  By the time we realized it was a moose to late to stop.  We then were driving to Grande Praire via 22 we stopped for lunch.  Guess where A&W these restaurants are like McDs in the states.  We got back on the hwy and maybe a mile down the road we see this black thing with cute little ears, a young black bear.  Yes too late to stop again.
We arrived at Grande Praire earlier then most days, because they had a free town tour bus we wanted to go on.  It was also early enough and the showers were free we both grabbed one.  The free internet not so good.  All in all good day.