Day 7 Calgary to Edmonton

We have 2 days here this was where we were supposed to meet Olemaz John from FTF fame.  He had other commitments, but I will take the extra day.  My blog was pretty short last night it was one of those days. The internet didn’t work because we are in Canada, I set up the trailer in record time then distracted Roy.  It was sprinkling and Roy over rotated the electric jack. A neighbor tried to fix it and snapped the pin inside.  The bright side was we stayed in a casino parking lot for free.  Cheapest I ever got out of a casino, we could not unhook the car.  The casinos up here close at night and don’t open up until 9:30, we were on our way out by then.  We found a jack in Edmonton so it wasn’t to bad.  We put it on in the parking lot.  Then headed out to the middle of nowhere to camp.  I did get to take a picture of the world’s largest dragonfly.  We did miss a couple of roadside attractions today because of the mess we fixed.  Random thought we ate at an A&W today had not done that in a long time.  See you tomorrow.